Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bing! Bang! Boom! Updated!

Hey there Good-Lookin! How ya doin? :)

Did you look in the mirror today and tell yourself how great you are? Some say that's cocky...I say it's confidence! After all, you can't love anything until you truly love yourself. :)

I know you must be going through with-drawls since I've been gone for the past week doing my competition, but I'm back and ready to go now!

I missed three posts while I was gone: Fit-Bites Friday, Fit-Meals Monday, and Workout Wednesday. They have all been updated!!! Whew!! That was a lot! :)

My regular Saturday posts, which followed my journey to my first WBFF competition, will now be random posts about my off-season status (for those of you who care to get to know me that well) and info. about any up-coming competitions that I may be preparing for over the holiday season. :)

I hope you enjoy all the page updates! Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions in the comment boxes!

"Keep It Sexy!"

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